Ombudsman Spotlight



How long have you been an ombudsman?

Three years.

What made you want to become an ombudsman?


My grandmother turned 85 years old, and she was placed in a LTC (Long Term Care) Facility.   I applied to this LTC facility and was hired as the Social Service Director. I wanted to make sure I could keep an eye on her as she was having a challenging time remembering her family or who she was. I soon realized there was not much I could say or do to make a difference for her because I worked for the facility. I then realized if I wanted to help the elderly population I had to work for the Ombudsman program. I applied and was hired originally as a part-time ombudsman which lasted for about 8 months, and eventually turned into a full-time position with me becoming the Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman for Pueblo County.


What has surprised you the most in being an ombudsman?  


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work.  As a Social Worker in LTC, we always considered what was in the best interest of the residents.  As an LTC Ombudsman we do not advocate for what is in their best interest, instead we advocate for the residents expressed interest, this was a surprise. I have been consistently learning ever since, taking immense pride in my job and the help that I can provide to my community.


What do you most enjoy about being an ombudsman? 


The thing that I enjoy most about being an ombudsman is all the different people I get to meet while actively working to improve the lives of those residents living in ALF and LTC Facilities.


Tell us the top 2 or 3 positive changes that you are working to achieve in the communities that you serve. 


I have actively been doing outreach projects within our community to promote awareness about the ombudsman program. I have also been presenting at facilities on Resident Rights providing education, information, and support to increase families and residents’ awareness of their rights.


Do you have a favorite quote that

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein


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